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JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)
JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)
JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)
JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)
JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)

JABRA Sport Pulse Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Blk (100-96100010-60)

SKU: 100-96100010-60
Type: Trådløst headset
På lager: 1

Superior sound – now with passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass

Get rid of the surrounding noise at the gym and focus on your performance! With the new COMPLY™ foam ear tips you will get superior sound quality, passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass. Jabra Sport Pulse will make sure that your favourite playlist sounds better than ever and will maximise your musical motivation.

In-ear heart rate monitor

Gold standard accuracy ensures you’re always working out in the right zone.

Automatic VO2 Max tracking

VO2 Max is a scientific way to measure your absolute fitness. It describes the maximum rate of oxygen that your body consumes during exercise, and helps determine your endurance level. Analysing your VO2 Max levels can be used to enhance your performance. For instance, a 5% improvement in your VO2 Max score would typically cut 5 minutes off of your 10k run time!
Read more about VO2 Max and how to improve performance here.

Perfect and secure fit

Incredibly light, ultra-secure headphones that lock in and won’t fall out.

Jabra's Sport Life™ app

Get the most out of your Sport Pulse earbuds with Jabra’s fitness app, which ensures you’re always training in the right heart rate zone.

Plan, monitor and evaluate your performance. In-ear coaching gives you real-time feedback to help you optimise each session.

Plan your workout

Set personal goals based on distance, time, or calories burned.

You can select a target pace or heart rate zone and even set up interval training.

The app will keep you updated with audio coaching.

Track your workout

Make the most out of each session with real-time audio coaching. You get automatic coaching tips at specified time and distance intervals. You can also hit the button on the left earbud to get instant updates at any time.

Evaluate your work

Record key stats such as time, pace, distance, calories burned, peak and average heart rate, and others. See your route on a map with an overlay of your heart rate zones.

A comprehensive work-out history and achievements page put your work-out data instantly at your fingertips.

Measure your fitness level

Test and track your overall fitness through three sophisticated
fitness tests that provide a deep insight into your true fitness level.

The Rockport Test is designed to measure your VO2 max level, which gives you a precise measurement of the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity and guidance on how well it rates against your age, weight, and gender.

The Orthostatic Heart Rate Test monitors your current state and helps you understand if you’re overtraining or under stress.

The Resting Heart Rate Test is a great way to understand your base fitness level. Over time you can see how your resting heart level is trending.


Your all-in-one training solution with a built-in heart rate monitor. Made to US Military standards, it is sure to withstand even the toughest workout. Get immersive sound and real-time voice coaching to help you reach your goals. Cut the wires and enjoy true freedom of movement.

Perfect for
✓ outdoor training
✓ training optimisation
✓ exercise planning

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